Mikron Machining Solutions business segment

In the Machining Solutions business segment, the two divisions Mikron Machining and Mikron Tool developed quite differently in the 2021 financial year. Whereas Mikron Tool posted a sales record in the year under review, in the first half of the year Mikron Machining was still suffering from low demand and low-capacity utilization. In the second half of the year, however, the division succeeded in winning some strategically important orders for new applications. These came, for example, from the watch industry, the connector industry, and the automotive industry, outside the combustion engine sector. Based on its good order backlog at the end of 2021, Mikron Machining is confident that it will be able to significantly improve its currently still unsatisfactory earnings situation in 2022.

Mikron Tool 2021 achieved its best sales and order intake ever. In the first half of the year in particular, many customers wanted to replenish their inventories. But tool orders also remained stable in the second half of the year. The machine investments of recent years in Agno (Switzerland) and the complete focus on tool production in Rottweil (Germany) paid off.

Key figures of Mikron Machining Solutions
At CHF 112.9 million, the Mikron Machining Solution business segment exceeded net sales for the 2020 financial year (CHF 96.3 million) by 17.2%. Mikron Machining Solutions’ order intake rose to CHF 135.4 million (2020: CHF 96.0 million, +41%). The resulting order backlog of CHF 61.1 million at the end of 2021 was 59.9% higher than that of the end of 2020. Mikron Machining Solutions posted EBIT of CHF 2.5 million (2020: CHF -13.6 million before restructuring costs) and an EBIT margin of 2.2%.

63% of Mikron Machining Solutions’ sales came from Europe (2020: 62%), 17% from North America (2020: 19%) and 17% from Asia (2020: 17%). The business segment achieved 22% of its net sales in the automotive industry, 15% in the consumer goods industry, 12% in the writing industry, and 12% in the industrial and building industries.

Innovations and continuous improvements
In 2021, Mikron Machining continued with the further development of its rotary transfer machine platform Mikron MultiX. The award-winning platform offers Mikron’s customers entirely new options. Individual platform elements can be easily combined to meet specific needs. The consolidation of production in one building in Agno with an optimized layout has led to leaner processes and efficiency improvements. Mikron Tool further advanced its product development strategy and launched additional products for stainless steels and heat-resistant alloys.