Mikron operates in a demanding, highly cyclical and global market, and is exposed to globally active and locally specialized competitors. The key to success is highly skilled and motivated employees who are willing to assume responsibility and work together constructively. This allows the Group to respond to the rapid changes, diverse customer requests and complexity inherent in the business. About every two years, an independent consultancy for personnel and organizational development assesses the level of employee satisfaction.

Mikron aims to attract and retain employees with the right level of technical qualifications who are able to work in dynamic interdisciplinary teams, have a broad set of language skills, and are willing to travel and work abroad – even if this was only possible to a very limited extent in 2021. Mikron continued to invest in training and education and conducted numerous virtual seminars. New apprentices and trainees were taken on, and the management and leadership training program as well as specific project managers’ training continued. With very few exceptions, all employees were trained on how to comply with our Code of Conduct. 

As at the end of the 2021 financial year, the Mikron Group overall numbered 1,327 employees (FTEs), representing a decrease of -0.3% (prior year: 1,331 employees). The completion of restructuring measures in the Mikron Machining Division in Agno (Switzerland) and Rottweil (Germany) and the closure of the Berlin site led to a reduction in headcount, while high capacity utilization at Mikron Automation’s main sites produced an increase.

The number of apprentices could be kept at a high level of 91 employees (94 at the end of 2021).  Around 65% of the workforce is employed at the companies in Switzerland, approximately 17% in the US, 9% in the European Union, and 9% in Asia.

Employees’ remuneration is based on their role, performance, specific knowledge, or value to Mikron (languages, special technological expertise) and experience. Men and women are paid equally for performing equal work. Women account for around 10% of Mikron staff and most of them perform tasks in internal service functions. The economic performance and regional differences of the individual companies are also taken into account. It is Mikron’s aim to compensate its employees fairly and in a comparable way to similar internationally active companies.