Compensation Report

The Compensation Report contains information on the compensation policy, compensation programs and processes for determining the compensation paid to the Board of Directors and Group Management of the Mikron Group. It also provides detailed information on compensation paid in 2021. The Compensation Report satisfies the transparency requirements set out in the Ordinance against Excessive Remuneration in Listed Companies Limited by Shares (ERCO).
Compensation Policy

Overall responsibility for defining the basic principles of compensation lies with the General Meeting. The Board of Directors determines compensation within the boundaries defined by the General Meeting. It approves the compensation paid to members of the Board of Directors, the Board Chairman and the entire Group Management.

The compensation policy applied to members of the Board of Directors is described in detail on pages 54 and 55 of the Corporate Governance Report. The table below sets out the principles of this compensation policy. There are no changes in the principles compared to the prior year.

Fair and transparent

The compensation models are simple, clearly structured and transparent. They guarantee fair remuneration that reflects responsibilities and competencies.

Results- and performance-based

Part of the remuneration paid is linked directly to the Mikron Group‘s results and to individual performance.

Long-term incentive

Part of the compensation can be paid in the form of shares subject to a lock-up period. This gives recipients a share in the company’s long-term performance and ensures alignment with shareholder interests, including retention of key personnel.

Geared to the labor market

Compensation is geared to the market environment
so as to attract and retain talent managers and employees.

The Articles of Association define the following structure for Group Management:
 InstrumentPurposeInfluencing factorsPerformance targets
Fixed annual basic salary (fixed compensation)Monthly cash compensationRemuneration for functionScope and responsibility,
individual qualifications and experience
Short-term incentive bonus in cash
(short-term incentive)
Annual cash compensationRemuneration for performanceCompany results, individual performanceOrder intake, EBIT, free
cash flow, quantitative and qualitative targets
Long-term incentive plan (long-term incentive)Locked-up shares
(min. 3-year lock-up period)
Share in long-term performance,
geared to shareholder interests and
retention of key personnel
Contribution to the Group’s
strategic development
Order intake and EBIT
Pension and benefitsPension and social security Other benefitsProtection against risks Expenses coveredStandard market practice and position

The compensation of the Board of Directors and Group Management decided on by the General Meeting refers to the following periods in time:


The General Meeting elects individually at least two but not more than four members of the Board of Directors as members of the Remuneration Committee. The term of office of the members of the Remuneration Committee is one year and ends at the next ordinary General Meeting. Re-election is possible.

The members of the Remuneration Committee in the year under review were the Board members Patrick Kilchmann (Chairman) and Andreas Casutt.

Subject to and within the scope of the approved overall compensation by the General Meeting, the Remuneration Committee proposes to the Board of Directors the remuneration of its members and proposes or determines the remuneration of the members of Group Management.

Compensation for the year 2021
Compensation to members of the Board of Directors
In scope of audit opinion        
in CHF 1,000Base compensation  Total
  Compensation in sharesSocial security and other expenses 
P. Zumbühl, Chairman**10838681813918965
H. Spoerry, Chairman**21600315531
E. Rikli, Vice-Chairman5144271810118873
P. Kilchmann*, Member40352218556758
A. Casutt, Member41382218897165
H-M. Hauser, Member41382218897165

* P. Kilchmann’s compensation is settled through Ammann Group.
** P. Zumbühl was elected successor as Chairman of the Board of Directors in April 2021.

Members of the Board of Directors receive a fixed compensation in cash and a fixed amount converted into a number of shares blocked for at least 3 years. Furthermore, a lump sum is paid out as compensation for expenses in accordance with the regulations, which have been approved by the tax authorities. In April 2021, the General Meeting approved a total remuneration payable to the Board of Directors for the period up to the next meeting of a maximum of CHF 550,000. The remuneration disclosed in the table above covers the respective fiscal year and is not equal to the period between the Annual General Meetings. In the period between the Annual General Meetings the total of CHF 550,000 was not exceeded.

Compensation to Group Management
In scope of audit opinion    
CHF 1,000R. Rihs,
COO Automation
B. Cathomen, CEOTotal compensation of Group Management
Fixed compensation3343991,116993
Short-term incentive*85105480221
Pension and benefits136148412362
Total fixed compensation and short-term incentive5556522,0081,576
Total approved by previous General Meetings**  1,8501,850
Long-term incentive 39 82
Pension and benefits 3 6
Total approved long-term incentive*** 42 88
Long-term incentive to be approved by
General Meeting 2022
102 173 
Pension and benefits8 13 
Total to be approved by General Meeting110 186 
Total compensation6656942,1941,664

* Any difference between the variable compensation accrued in the previous year and the amount actually paid out is included in the current year’s variable compensation disclosure.
** The pre-approved maximum compensation does not include an additional CHF 1,000,000 at the discretion of the Board of Directors as per the bylaws of the Mikron Holding AG for joining members of Group Management. In 2021 the exceeding amount of CHF 158,000 is fully attributable to the newly hired CEO Marc Desrayaud. The General Meeting does not vote on this additional amount.
*** The disclosed compensation 2020 is identical with the prior-year annual report. The value of the LTI compensation for the Group Management valuated as per the share transfer date is CHF 105,000 (CHF 49,000 for the CEO) instead of the disclosed CHF 88,000 (CHF 42,000 for the CEO).

Group Management is composed of the CEO, CFO and the Head of the Mikron Automation business segment. These persons are employed at Mikron Switzerland AG, Langenthal. The compensation is booked applying the Accrual principle.

Members of Group Management receive a fixed compensation paid in 13 instalments and a short-term incentive. The short-term incentive is set by the Board of Directors within the boundaries approved by the General Meeting. The target incentive is significantly below the maximum allowed by the Articles of Association. The table below shows the short-term incentive as a percentage of the fixed compensation for 2021:

 EffectiveMaximum set
by Board of Directors
Maximum allowed
as per Articles of Association
B. Cathomen, CEO   
Short-term incentive38%44% 
Other members   
Short-term incentive28%28% 

Furthermore, a lump sum is paid out as compensation for expenses in accordance with the regulations, which have been approved by the tax authorities. Expenses that are not covered by the lump sum compensation for expenses pursuant to the expense regulations of the Company are reimbursed against presentation of the relevant receipts. This additional compensation for expenses actually incurred does not need to be approved by the General Meeting. Payments are made in cash. Furthermore, members of Group Management are provided with company vehicles which may also be used for private travel. Expenditure for pension and social security includes employer contributions to social insurance and to the pension fund and senior management pension fund.

In April 2020, the General Meeting approved a total fixed compensation and short-term incentive which may be paid to Group Management during the 2021 financial year of maximum CHF 1,850,000, excluding the long-term incentive plan with separate approval. In April 2021, the amount of CHF 1,900,000, excluding the long-term incentive plan with separate approval, was approved, and may be paid out during the 2022 financial year.

The individual targets of the short-term incentive plan for Group Management reflect the importance of the targets depending on the role of the individual. The achievement is measured against qualitative and quantitative targets. The targets are defined by the Board of Directors at the beginning of the performance period on an annual basis. In extraordinary circumstances, the targets may be modified within the period at the discretion of the Board of Directors or the Remuneration Committee. The targets for the year 2021 were as follows:

B. Cathomen M. Desrayaud* J. Perez Freije R. Rihs
Order intake (Group and/or segment) 10% 5%
Sales (Group and/or segment) 15% 10% 20%
EBIT (Group and/or segment) 40% 35% 30%
Strategic programs and internal initiatives 35% 25% 35%
Other group financial targets 15%
Individual targets 15% 10%
Total 100% 100% 100%

*contractually fixed lump sum for 2021 and 2022.

An additional long-term incentive in the form of shares in the company may be provided to the members of Group Management. A total of 15,228 shares were distributed during the year 2021 as approved by the 2021 General Meeting. For the target achievement of the long-term incentive plan, the order intake and operating profit (EBIT excluding the investment property) as a percentage of the sales of the year are compared with the expectations as per the medium-term plan. In addition to the points carried forward from the prior year, a maximum of 150 bonus points, representing a target achievement of 150%, are awarded to the points basket and a maximum -50 points are deducted from the points basket, if the threshold of 0% target achievement is reached. At the end of each year, after the allocation or deduction of the yearly points, one third of the total is converted into a corresponding number of shares. The shares are transferred to the members after approval by the General Meeting and are blocked for a period of at least three years. The Board of Directors will propose to the next General Meeting to approve an allocation of 22,509 shares to the members of Group Management as long-term-incentive compensation for 2021. The share price for the valuation at year-end was CHF 7.70. The remaining two thirds of the total are carried forward to the next year.

Shares held by members of the Board of Directors and by Group Management
In scope of audit opinion    
  31.12.2021 31.12.2020
 Number of sharesVoting powerNumber of sharesVoting power
Board of Directors    
P. Zumbühl, Chairman61,9630.37%51,2900.31%
H. Spoerry, Chairmann/an/a18,6750.11%
E. Rikli, Vice-Chairman33,8270.20%29,5000.18%
A. Casutt, Member11,3650.07%8,0000.05%
H.-M. Hauser, Member11,3650.07%8,0000.05%
Group Management    
B. Cathomen, CEOn/an/a62,8670.38%
M. Desrayaud, CEO9,7750.06%n/an/a
R. Rihs, COO49,6170.30%44,8580.27%
J. Perez Freije, CFO19,2310.12%15,9000.10%
These figures include shares held by related parties of these persons. 


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