Corporate Social Responsibility

Mikron’s commitment to sustainability
Back in 2017, the Mikron Group started to develop a tailored Corporate Social Responsibility ­strategy. Since 2020, it has been systematically pursuing the corresponding goals and consistently recording results.

With a clear commitment to sustainable thinking and action, Mikron is improving people’s quality of life and conserving our natural resources. Four indicators guide Mikron on its path toward sustainability: Workplace, Environment, Marketplace and Innovation. The framework for this is ­provided by the Mikron Group’s Corporate Values, Code of Conduct, and certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001).

Mikron implements its ambitious goals with great energy: The driving force behind this is an interdisciplinary team of professionals from different departments such as Human Resources, Quality, Supply, Marketing and others, as well as representatives from the Management Board.

You can read more about the comprehensive measures and endeavors implemented at the various sites in Mikron’s detailed Sustainability Report 2020.

Three illustrative examples show how Mikron is integrating sustainability into everyday life in a committed, individual and site-specific way:

1. Mikron SA Boudry
The Next Factory constructed in ­Boudry in 2021 marks the start of the sustainability goals for the entire Group: The new buildings represent changes in work processes, habits, and mindsets. From the very beginning of this project, social aspects have been taken into consideration through the lens of three workstreams: mobility and smart offices, carbon footprint reduction, and digitalization continuity.

2. Mikron Tool Agno
By using chillers for cooling production oil and the production environment, Mikron will save 3 million kWh in 15 years. The site plans to install a new building heating system by the end of 2022. The water used to cool down the oil will be used for heating.

3. Mikron Corp. Denver
The example from the USA shows just how individual sustainability efforts can be. The Mikron site in Denver is ­taking a new approach to recycling, allowing employees and community members to take large G05 shipping crates and wooden pallets for personal projects. ­Mikron Corp. Denver has also donated pallets to a Boy Scout Camp and a local farmer. ­Finally, it also saves wood from going into landfills.

Social Responsibility

“Sustainability along the entire value chain: from the start when we source materials until the final step when Mikron’s machines or tools reach their customers. And that’s not all, because as a long-term partner we ensure that our ­commitment to sustainability continues during the after-­sales services to our customers.”

Luigi Rancan,
CSR Manager and the Mikron Group’s Chief Legal Advisor