2021 Financial Year

Markedly improved earnings situation

Mikron Automation: Next Factory in Boudry

In a nutshell

In 2021, all financial key figures of the Mikron Group were considerably better than in the previous year.
Gruppe 985
EBIT before restructuring
costs rose from
CHF -4.7 million to
CHF 17.6 million.
Gruppe 985
Net sales rose from
CHF 257.8 million to
CHF 289.5 million.
Gruppe 985
Cash flow from
operating activities
rose from CHF 9.2 million
to CHF 50.7 million.
Gruppe 979
Digitalization of
products and services
markedly deepened.
Gruppe 981
Merger of Swiss
entities and realization
of efficiency gains.
Gruppe 983
Investing in the future
of the Swiss sites
in Boudry and Agno.
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CEO im Kurzinterview

The Mikron Group is on track

Compared to the beginning of 2021, the Mikron Group is entering the 2022 financial year in a much stronger position, with sound cost structure, a solid order backlog and a good demand trend in all key markets.